Breakfast like a queen

passion fruit!

passion fruit!

Weekday mornings can be hectic for most of us, and although the importance of breakfast cannot be overlooked, there are days where you just want five more minutes in bed.

Why not try a bit of passion at 7am?

  • 1/2 tub low fat cottage cheese
  • Flesh of two passion fruits

Viola! breakfast, well first course at least, while eating the protein punch which is the cottage cheese, I toast a wholewheat pita, stuffed it with  a tablespoon of cream cheese, two slices of smoked salmon and a slice of tomato then savoured each drop of my one  really good espresso for the day, I am set and ready to storm out the front door!

Quick, easy and yummy! Leave the cleaning for somoene else and have a good day, for you have oiled your joints, added fibre, fat and protein to your breakfast and look at the variety of foods in one meal!


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One response to “Breakfast like a queen

  1. Beth

    Passion at 7am! I’ve never looked forward to breakfast this much – thanks Sune!

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