Eggciting news! Eggs are back!

wasabi devilled-eggsI celebrated Valentines not with just one loved one, but with a collection of Valentines strays who attended our little soire.  For the record, no heart shaped anything was anywhere to be found although I must say that the food was definitely heart-healthy.


The nibbles went down a treat.  With eggs back in the limelight and new research showing that eggs do not contribute to cholesterol, the Wasabi devilled eggs were a real winner.   Served with a twist of raddish and chopped coriander these numbers were packed with flavour and had guests begging for more.


Talking about eggs, how about boiling a couple the night before? Pop them in your lunch box (or suit pocket) for an extra protein punch during the day as a little snack, easy to peel, no mess, quick to eat, and fills the gap for an extra hour.

Not only are they packed with protein, they also contain lecithin, which is an essential ingredient for your brain. As you feel your attention waning in the afternoon, pop a boiled egg to boost brain power.

If you are already in the swing of making breakfast smoothies every morning, but have not been adding protein, try whizzing in a raw organic egg.  I promise you won’t even know it’s there; the taste and texture will completely be disguised by the other eggciting super nutritious ingredients.


Have an eggselent day.  Sorry, I’ll stop with the yolks now! 



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