Flax seeds

flax seedsEvery household needs a little jar of these wonder seeds.
The richest source of vegetarian omega 3 fatty acids, has incredible girlie (and for the menopausal among us) hormone balancing properties and the greatest fact is that they win first place for helping your bowels get moving after a bit of a slow start.

Soak a tablespoon of seeds overnight with your favourite dried fruits and add to your porridge in the morning or add to salads and your snacking seed mix.

I quite like to add a few teaspoons milled flax seeds to my plain yoghurt and berries as a little snack mid morning. They are nutty and quite filling for such a little seed.

Be sure to drink plenty of water when you incorporate flax seeds to your daily diet to ensure you are as regular as clockwork


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2 responses to “Flax seeds

  1. Flax is a natural, but really effective supplement. There are different qualities and different brands; I did the research and I decided on the one I’ve been taking for a couple of years.

    • suneconnell

      Hi there
      If it’s body:bio you’re using, I totally agree. I use the same brand and have been to a few seminars by P. Kane who developed the oil in perfect balance.

      I find it extremely useful for skin conditions and my clients have reported positive feedback on better hormone balancing, eczema and dry skin.

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