New research on carrots

New research shows that boiling carrots whole instead of cutting it into smaller pieces before cooking retains more falcarinol -the anti cancer activity in carrots.

The society of Chemical Industry states that long-term storage of raw carrot cubes (1 cm3) reduced the falcarinol content by almost 35%. They found a similar reduction in steam-blanched carrot cubes (1 cm3). Long-term storage at -24 °C of steam blanched carrot cubes did not reduce the falcarinol content further, another good reason to eat frozen veggies. They also found a reduction of almost 70% in the falcarinol content in carrot pieces boiled in water for 12 min compared with raw carrots.

Grate a carrot as a wonderful crunchy addition to your salad; eat raw while preparing your dinner, or dip chunks in hummus. Don’t neglect the crudités at your next cocktail party!



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