mad cow, smelly cow – add some spices

I recently read the article about feeding cattle spices for reducing methane production and enhancing friendly bacteria in the gut with great enthusiasm and delight.

The most effective spice according to the study was coriander which reduced methane production from 14 millilitres per gram of food to eight – a drop of 40 per cent. Turmeric produced a 30 per cent reduction and cumin 22 per cent.

We have known the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of spices and herbs for centuries especially in Asian cultures and across the world. This is also true for human consumption of course and the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric has been well documented and researched. Cinnamon is great for balancing blood sugar and managing insulin and fennel seeds after dinner aids in digestion.

Sometimes it is necessary to see how older civilizations have been doing things and follow their lead – get back to basics, the answer is almost always in nature and right in front of us.

For the best spices I order from seasoned pioneers , the spices come in cute little bags and you can even indicate which meal your preparing and they will suggest the appropriate spices –     like iTunes genius for the spice world.


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