Suné has over 15 years experience working in professional kitchens and in the food industry. Recognising the power of food to improve overall well-being, she elected to study at the British College of Nutrition and Health where she qualified as a nutritional therapist. Drawing on these experiences, she has developed a unique approach to nutritional therapy that combines a scientific approach to health with a gourmet approach to food.

Frequently, the concept of healthy eating is associated with obscure ingredients and self-denial. Suné promotes a balanced diet and lifestyle, making allowances for simple pleasures and coaching clients how to make healthy, easy decisions in their diet.

As health and indeed taste are very personal matters, Suné works closely with her clients (and their families) to develop programmes that take into account personal preference, budget and dietary restrictions. This customised approach can include consultations, guided shopping trips, in-house cooking lessons and even private chef services. She regularly provides press comments in numerous magazine and newspapers as well as 2009 guest nutrition moderator on Jamie Oliver’s website.

To date she has worked with hundreds of clients and companies around London hosting workshops and food demonstrations, menu consulting and audits for private psychiatric hospital and canteens, gourmet nutrition catering and advising families on healthy eating habits and choices in order to alleviate childhood eczema, weight management and develop healthy attitudes towards food.

Suné consults with clients from the CityPoint Club in Moorgate and is resident nutritional therapist at Galen Health private medical practice alongside world-class doctors at 9 Harley Street.