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Alice in Wonderland

I watched this film last night and I know there are numerous messages and great costumes, but the one thing I took home was to think of six impossible things before breakfast.

I ate breakfast with a lighter heart this morning as I was more distracted by my own imagination than the morose news on telly.

Try it! It could even help with your digestion.

Looking after your health doesn’t stop with eating porridge and drinking green tea. It is important to look after your whole self.

  • Take walks in nature
  • Step outside
  • Surround yourself with fresh flowers
  • Breathe
  • Drink pure water
  • Do some stretches
  • Clear the clutter
  • Give someone a compliment

Have a good day!


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Diet overhaul

I am always surprised with the level of understanding of nutrition in many people and I don’t think anyone should be blamed, (although I can think of a few breakfast cereal companies who have done a good job in convincing parents that coco pops for breakfast and after school is a good idea.) If food and nutrition is not what you sleep, eat and breathe like some of us, then why should you? However, all of the myths and facts can be unravelled for you with a private nutrition consultation. At The Nutrition Coach we can guide you to the light in order to make informed decisions regarding your health and diet for you and your family.

Book your consultation today and together we can yell at the TV ads in the mornings while eating a virtuous home made spelt muffin!

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Home roasted holiday granola

Homemade holiday granola

Do you sometimes get a tad bored of porridge and fancy something quite decadent for breakfast?

I had my domesticated hat on yesterday and decided to awaken my senses and make my own granola, the house smelt amazing and guess what all my friends are getting for Holiday pressies?

You can make a big batch that lasts for a month and sprinkle a few spoon full on your favourite organic plain yoghurt as a crunchy topping, or soak in a small amount of fruit juice, add plain yoghurt and top with apple compote. Yum!

And to add to the sensory benefits of devouring this for breakfast, you are doing your body a whole lot of good, with a plethora of ingredients such as whole organic oats, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, Brazil nuts, flaked almonds, cranberries, dates, figs, molasses, maple syrup, walnut oil and a smidge of honey.


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