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mad cow, smelly cow – add some spices

I recently read the article about feeding cattle spices for reducing methane production and enhancing friendly bacteria in the gut with great enthusiasm and delight.

The most effective spice according to the study was coriander which reduced methane production from 14 millilitres per gram of food to eight – a drop of 40 per cent. Turmeric produced a 30 per cent reduction and cumin 22 per cent.

We have known the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of spices and herbs for centuries especially in Asian cultures and across the world. This is also true for human consumption of course and the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric has been well documented and researched. Cinnamon is great for balancing blood sugar and managing insulin and fennel seeds after dinner aids in digestion.

Sometimes it is necessary to see how older civilizations have been doing things and follow their lead – get back to basics, the answer is almost always in nature and right in front of us.

For the best spices I order from seasoned pioneers , the spices come in cute little bags and you can even indicate which meal your preparing and they will suggest the appropriate spices –     like iTunes genius for the spice world.

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Dietary Analysis – MOT your diet

With the aid of a sophisticated dietary analysis system, I will analyse your diet against government guidelines and optimum nutrition levels. This 35 page printed report is completely individual to you and your diet, and has been designed to help you:

  • Clarify the strengths and weakness of your current diet
  • Identify possible nutrient imbalances or deficiencies
  • Explain how a lack of certain nutrients may impact upon health
  •  Provide handy tips and hints on how to improve your diet


What do you have to do?  poster

I will send you a food diary and you tell me what you have eaten over three days. A few days later, I will provide you with an in-depth report which will provide you with the following information:

  • How many calories you are eating in a day
  • If your diet is providing you with sufficient nutrients
  • What percentage of protein, fats, fibre and carbohydrates are you eating
  • How does this all fit in with the outcome of your previous consultations

Book this service before the end of July and pay

only £30


Book in conjunction with a follow-up consultation for

only £55

v      This plan is not intended to replace an in-depth nutrition consultation.

v      Payment required at time of booking – credit and debit cards accepted.

v      The results does not include nutrient intake from supplements and are solely based on dietary intake.

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Four phases of Metabolic Balance®

So you are interested in embarking on Metabolic Balance® here is how it all works:

Prior to beginning the program, you will have your blood drawn at our Harley Street clinic.   Thirty-five different analyses are performed on the blood.  Lab results are coupled with information obtained from you in person regarding height, weight, measurements, diseases, food allergies, medications and food likes/dislikes. This information helps our professionals in Germany identify the foods that are right for your metabolism.  It is very specific and even identifies what time of the day it is beneficial to eat the foods.

After blood analysis Metabolic Balance®determines a list of foods that will retrain and optimize your metabolism.  Metabolic Balance is an easy to follow, four-phase program coupled with a healthy diet and nutrition plan offering individualised coaching and education.

Phase One of the Metabolic Balance® All Natural Weight Loss Program is a gentle cleansing phase that lasts just two days.

Phase Two is the pivotal point of the program. During this time, participants are restricted to the foods on their customised list while their metabolism is trained and optimised for peak performance.  Phase Two is only 14 days long and is a balanced program of foods including proteins, vegetables, starches, and fruits.  This is not a calorie counting, point counting or deprivation diet. We don’t like to call it a diet, but a retraining of how to eat the right foods for YOU, for life, to balance your hormones.

After 14 days, participants can choose to move to Phase Three.

During Phase Three, the food list is expanded a bit and oils are re-introduced into the diet.  Phase Three also allows one deviation or “cheat” meal per week (maximally) to build some flexibility into the program.  Participants stay on Phase 3 until they reach their goal weight, so the length of Phase Three is dependent on how much weight you want to lose.

Phase Four is as important as Phase Two. During Phase Four- Maintenance, I work with you to take the program from a “diet” to a “way of life.”  On Phase Four, I assist you as you experiment with foods and learn which you can reintroduce with moderation and which foods must be restricted from your menu. By following a few rules and monitoring your weight, you will learn how to live this new healthy life style.

The Metabolic Balance Program
® is very healthy. It is rewarding to see many of my clients eliminate the need for medications for such things as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

It’s a lifestyle choice!

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On Saturday I had the privilege to provide the catering for my almamater which is BCNH- British College of Nutrition and Health It was their 10th anniversary and without the dedication, passion and determination the success of the college (and students) would not have been possible. Blood, sweat and tears goes into contributing to the best nutritional therapists with no stone left unturned when it comes to the level and quality of education and fabulous tutors.

Below is the menu for the day and from what I heard and from the empty plates we cleared after a long day, the results were good and everyone was happy, which of course made me very happy indeed.

  • Vietnamese Summer rolls with hoisin dip
  • Rye bread with goats cheese, figs and honey
  • Cherry tomato, mozzarella and basil skewers
  • Mediterranean vegetable stax with olives
  • Buckwheat noodle salad
  • Moroccan cous-cous with sour cherries and nuts
  • Quinoa with roast vegetables and sheep’s milk feta
  • vegetable platter with tzatsiki, hummus, pinto bean dip and cumin spiked guacamole
  • Candied pumpkin seeds and edemame beans.

What a great day and congratulations to Breda and her team for all the hard work over the years and all the best for the next decade!

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Metabolic Balance®

In my years of practice as a nutritional therapist I have helped many people loose weight successfully through diet and lifestyle changes. I have seen diets come and go as I am sure you have, and as I am sure you have tried many. I don’t like using the word ‘diet’ it sounds like it has a beginning and a definitive end, meaning that as soon as you are ‘off your diet’ you can go back to your old wicked wicked ways.

If there was a magic bullet or magic pill it would make someone very rich indeed, for we are officially in the middle of a obesity epidemic. Two in four Americans have Type II diabetes, children are getting fatter and we are getting more ill everyday due to poor dietary and lifestyle choices.

The bad news is that there is not a magic pill or bullet, but the good news is that there is help out there and you CAN change things around. You CAN alter your metabolism in order too lower your cholesterol, loose weight, lower your blood pressure, prevent Type II diabetes and most of all look and feel AMAZING!

The kind of diets that the majority of people follow contain way too much carbohydrates and sugar, food is depleted of essential nutrients, protein and phytonutrients. These foods stimulate the production of insulin which is our main metabolic hormone and too much of this hormone can have negative consequences to our health, body and weight.

So, does food affect our hormones? I will have to say YES, because the kind of food you eat can affect insulin production and have an effect on 30 other hormones in your body.

Through adjusting your metabolism with the aid of your own personal metabolic-balance® program you can regulate your weight healthily and naturally as well as strengthen your metabolism gently and permanently.

Is this the magic bullet we have been waiting for? The proof is already in the skinny puddings who have embarked on the program and are experiencing the benefits everyday.

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Nutrition by Suné

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quick lunch

Rye bread – a bit more filling than white sliced…

Avocado, mozarella, rocket, black pepper and homemade dressing. (Lemon juice, olive oil, s+p, garlic and paprika)

Quick, yum and balanced. Probabaly wont’ have to eat for at least couple of hours. A balanced meal – fibre (Rye), protein (cheese) fat (olive oil and avocado)

BONUS: Vitamin E, calcium, essential fats

Double BONUS: tasty and good for me

Loose weight with food

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How do we feed the world?

Couldn’t have said it better myself…..

watch this video, maybe its time we eat simpler and really taste food. Contact Sune for a cooking lesson or guided food shopping trip to learn more about simple but good food.

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First Sunday of summer

What a glorious weekend and how happy it makes me!

As part of our first BBQ this year, we stuffed some green peppers (the long ones you find in Turkish shops)  with feta, pine nuts and mint. Place a little toothpick at the top to prevent filling from oozing out and grill for three minutes each sides. They were gorgeous!

Coleslaw was on the menu, but the raw cabbage and carrots outweighed the watered down mayo by far, which makes this a healthy version of the heavy sauced Kentucky ones.

Nutritious food, sunshine, friends….what more does one want

Nutrition by Suné

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Diet overhaul

I am always surprised with the level of understanding of nutrition in many people and I don’t think anyone should be blamed, (although I can think of a few breakfast cereal companies who have done a good job in convincing parents that coco pops for breakfast and after school is a good idea.) If food and nutrition is not what you sleep, eat and breathe like some of us, then why should you? However, all of the myths and facts can be unravelled for you with a private nutrition consultation. At The Nutrition Coach we can guide you to the light in order to make informed decisions regarding your health and diet for you and your family.

Book your consultation today and together we can yell at the TV ads in the mornings while eating a virtuous home made spelt muffin!

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