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Metabolic Balance®

In my years of practice as a nutritional therapist I have helped many people loose weight successfully through diet and lifestyle changes. I have seen diets come and go as I am sure you have, and as I am sure you have tried many. I don’t like using the word ‘diet’ it sounds like it has a beginning and a definitive end, meaning that as soon as you are ‘off your diet’ you can go back to your old wicked wicked ways.

If there was a magic bullet or magic pill it would make someone very rich indeed, for we are officially in the middle of a obesity epidemic. Two in four Americans have Type II diabetes, children are getting fatter and we are getting more ill everyday due to poor dietary and lifestyle choices.

The bad news is that there is not a magic pill or bullet, but the good news is that there is help out there and you CAN change things around. You CAN alter your metabolism in order too lower your cholesterol, loose weight, lower your blood pressure, prevent Type II diabetes and most of all look and feel AMAZING!

The kind of diets that the majority of people follow contain way too much carbohydrates and sugar, food is depleted of essential nutrients, protein and phytonutrients. These foods stimulate the production of insulin which is our main metabolic hormone and too much of this hormone can have negative consequences to our health, body and weight.

So, does food affect our hormones? I will have to say YES, because the kind of food you eat can affect insulin production and have an effect on 30 other hormones in your body.

Through adjusting your metabolism with the aid of your own personal metabolic-balance® program you can regulate your weight healthily and naturally as well as strengthen your metabolism gently and permanently.

Is this the magic bullet we have been waiting for? The proof is already in the skinny puddings who have embarked on the program and are experiencing the benefits everyday.

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First Sunday of summer

What a glorious weekend and how happy it makes me!

As part of our first BBQ this year, we stuffed some green peppers (the long ones you find in Turkish shops)  with feta, pine nuts and mint. Place a little toothpick at the top to prevent filling from oozing out and grill for three minutes each sides. They were gorgeous!

Coleslaw was on the menu, but the raw cabbage and carrots outweighed the watered down mayo by far, which makes this a healthy version of the heavy sauced Kentucky ones.

Nutritious food, sunshine, friends….what more does one want

Nutrition by Suné

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Inmarsat- health and beauty awareness evening.

As part of the Nutrition Coach we regularly attend corporate health awareness days and Friday the 19th February was a very successful evening indeed.
Burdy organised Friday’s beauty event with her usual passion and boundless energy. I am always impressed with the passion and drive with which Burdy and her colleagues pull out all the stops for the employees. Everyone I met spoke very highly of the company; most have been working there for no less than five years and some for 30 – unheard of these days. They truly have the employee’s best interest at heart when it comes to promoting health awareness and Inmarsat employees are always keen to learn more. I have had a few success stories with some losing weight, others reducing blood pressure and cholesterol and increased energy levels as well as better productivity which is definitely a win-win situation all round.
Why don’t you get The Nutrition Coach to inspire your staff with health tips which can change their lives today?

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Urban Living – Jamie Oliver

Have a look at my most recent article on Jamie’s website.


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Jamie Oliver

Check out my posts on Jamieoliver.com

I have been acting as guest nutrition moderator on the site for a few weeks now and have been answering questions from all over the world.

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