What her clients say

“I thought seeing a nutritionist would involve a lot of ‘do’s and don’ts’ but Suné was very realistic and listened to my concerns, coming up with flexible solutions that were easy to fit into my current lifestyle. After a few manageable changes she suggested I am really starting to have more energy and feel more positive about achieving my goals. The supplements recommended are a lot more targeted to specific conditions or deficiencies than general multivitamins.

After only two sessions it has made me more aware of how to live a healthier lifestyle and has given me the kick start I needed

Kate (Macquarie) 2008

“I can’t thank you enough for your thorough consultation. Your in-depth assessment of my condition and habits was spot on, and the programme of nutrition and supplements has been truly effective, easy to implement and has made all the difference. I’ve lost weight, I feel healthy and detoxed from the chemotherapy drugs, and get compliments on my appearance daily. You are lovely to work with, and I look forward to staying in touch.”

E Bernstein (2008)

“Suné has helped me to understand and treat my symptoms, which just after few sessions, I feel lot better. She is very understanding, very professional…   With Sune’s help I have started to make small changes to my life style e.g. my eating habits and to create more time for activities to balance my life – I would highly recommend working with Suné”

N Akhtar (2008)

“Meeting Suné was a great experience. With her sympathetic and practical advice I was able to make real shifts in my eating patterns and stabilise my digestive system. I now approach each jam-packed day with energy and good spirits.

Thank you Suné!”

S Fischgrund –  Speech and Language Therapist (2008)

Food demonstrations:

Before I started attending Suné’s nutrition evenings, I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and healthy eating but how wrong I was – the classes were very informative, fun and I always learnt a lot. The great thing is that Suné is very hands-on and her recipes are always so simple and nutritious and a great hit with our friends, when we make them at home.  I would recommend Suné’s classes to anybody who wants to learn about and enjoy healthy and tasty food.”

Denisa (2008)

“I thought what you did tonight was amazing. As I said as we were leaving it was perfectly pitched; both in your delivery, the way you interacted with the group and in terms of the location and what you demonstrated and the method. More importantly the food really was delicious and I learned a lot. I love the way you promote local providers. I know they don’t necessarily realise it now but the benefits of good local pr are huge. This is a really good selling point. They will cotton on to it. I will recreate both those recipes non-stop. Both Michael and I look forward to bringing more friends down soon.”

Lawrence White

Roullier White

125 Lordship Lane


SE22 8HU


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