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Feeling virtuous?

On a very cold, wet December afternoon I went for lunch with a few girls ( I suppose I am actually in the lady category now). It was not your ordinary boozy Christmas lunch but in fact we went to SAF, an all vegan restaurant (not many of those around) and not your first choice when the weather was as described above.
Now, my diet is good, but I rarely opt for totally vegan and can’t resist the odd piece of well bred cow.
However, this experience totally wowed me.
I ordered a raw Pad Thai and really didn’t know what to expect. One word….WOW!
Beautifully presented and with its gob smacking peanut sauce, spaghetti carrots, peanuts, raw onions and chillies and sheets of seaweed this dish completely bowled me over. The flavours just worked and I did feel very satisfied after this meal.
Feeling rather virtuous, but not completely bonkers, I opted for dessert this time.

An apple mille fiuelle, with cashew ‘cheese’ and flax seed crackers.
This dish was once again a picture on my plate. It was delicious, not sweet, which I like and a little bit out of the ordinary, which I also like.

I did well this silly season with not too many regrets when the clock struck 12. If you feel the need to repent after a year of bad food, cheap drink and way too many late nights, why not pop in for a vegan lunch at Saf? All your sins will be washed away with a pure, fresh non-alcoholic liquid fruit bowl.

I must have deleted the gorgeous pictures in my sober stupor. Please have a look at their website

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